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I'm being boring.

How boring? My big task this morning has been moving hundreds of -- no, let me check, over a thousand -- old e-mails from my inbox and outbox into other folders. I was sick of being less organized.

So right now I might not be interesting. But to be interesting, I should be interested. Call people and stuff, catch up on their goings-on and their thoughts and good things like that. (Going through the e-mails made me think Oh, I haven't called her in a while...or her...or him....) And since I've been enjoying my semi-regular phone chats with rafaela and slipjig, I really don't need much encouragement to trying callin' some of y'all.

I want to write a further Dark Knight review, as that film is still stewing in my mind (the Joker walking away from that explosion, and his body language while doing so, has really stayed with me), but I worry that too much of what I'd say right now would be repeating what other critics have said. So...incentive to see it again! And think on it more!

In potential me-news, I may be working next week. I'm more prepared for the possibility now, as I've reactivated at Manpower temp services and we chose next week as the week to start really looking. (Nothing was available Tuesday when I went to the Manpower office, and I had enough odd-hours things I was doing this week that I didn't want to fit jobs into it.) Time to start earning, even just a little bit.

More news when there's news.

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