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Zeppelin Race!

Air-centered dreams last night, whether it was me riding in a high cross-river tram (while trying to convince other riders that the New York City seen in Watchmen also has Portland, Oregon buildings in it and -- voila! -- there was the KOIN Tower near the World Trade Center) or me on the ground watching small zeppelins (one-person zeppelins?) race each other. Vivid, pretty, cloudless day, it was in my dream. Kind of like today, actually. I also visited a home of cousins of mine (the Dayton, Oregon Walshes), but that home was in the city and ridiculously posh, far posher than any homes I know. (And apparently built by my woodworking dad. Hey, Dad, you did a great job!)

In completely unrelated news, there's a Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia. I'm amused it has the "citation needed" notes.
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