Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Horror tales of theater horror

Wow. Cherie Priest (cmpriest) had a suckariffic audience at The Dark Knight. Sample:
...the people seated behind us behaved as if they’d often heard a movie described, but had never actually been faced with one in person.

I shit thee not when I say that neither one of these idiots appeared to be even vaguely aware of what movie they were attending. I think maybe they’d wandered into the auditorium with a gas can, seeking directions to the oceanfront property they’d been promised in Idaho, and then the lights went out and they couldn’t find an exit so they found a couple of empty seats and made themselves comfortable.
The full horror (idiocy, name-calling, wailing babies and more) is here. It includes the phrase "the sheer stink of stupid." It also includes
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people.
You’re watching a MOVIE. You know how to BEHAVE.

It’s not some bewildering foreign luncheon with thirteen forks, a roll of silver knives, and a pair of gilded chopsticks beside your plate; you don’t need to speak Klingon or juggle chain saws. All you have to do is SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. SERIOUSLY, IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

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