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Reactions to ads

I get the coupon inserts from Red Plum (what that Valassis company now calls its coupon inserts) and want to say “Red Plum” in a Shining voice. “Red Plum, Red Plum, Red Plum! Red Plum!”

I also critique the grammar and ideas in ads: “It’s ‘fewer,’ not ‘less,’” or “That phrase modifies the wrong thing,” or “The announcer, he asks a question and then doesn’t answer it.” Or there’s that Toyota radio commercial where the two guys go on a road trip and the driver says “Rule Number 1: we don’t stop, ever, except for gas,” and I think “Did he realize just how phenomenally stupid a rule that is? His pee must simply evaporate out of him. And food and drink must just materialize in his stomach, like it was teleported in.”

Yes. These are my kind of thoughts. This only occasionally makes me weep.
Tags: language

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