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Don't worry, I've already slapped myself.

I just heard that Lisa Loeb did a children's record called Camp Lisa.

"I'd like to camp in Camp Lisa," I said.

That's not the only way I've been naughty this morning! First slipjig posted (in this entry) a list:
Top 13 Things That Should Never Be Used in an Erotic Scenario

1) hummus
2) glue
3) Daleks
4) window glass
5) sardines
6) wicker
7) poison ivy
8) Charles Nelson Reilly
9) Time-Life infomercials
10) the Hulk
11) rickrolls
12) tax exemptions
13) hydrochloric acid
To which antsswarm replied
You HAVE to run a contest... NO, TWO! Where people write short love scenes with all those thing included.

Contest one: use all 13 items, make it funny.
Contest two: use all 13 items, make it legitimately sexy...
To which I replied
The Aristocrats!
(Explanatory page here.)
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