Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post: Caffeinated Man Walking

310K 1:38
“Here is a voice message…letting you guys know that I’m still, that I am still here. Took a break for a bit, went for a walk, a few circuits of the park, some of the blocks near my place, and back… Enjoying the sight of my old, dead car NOT being where I had to park it for a couple of months, because it’s been sent off to the donation place. And that feels like an accomplishment, because it is. Anyway, I’m going to settle in for the next several hours of reading along with a lot of people’s Blogathon entries. More than halfway there now. And I’ve gotten caffeine into me, to be ready for that. Trivia, by the way: when the early formulators of Coca-Cola, as I understand it, determined that the ideal amount of Coca-Cola to drink was 8 ounces. So I don’t know what those guys would say about the GoogolGulp or whatever the largest size you can get at 7-Eleven is now. But, that does seem like a good amount. I had a can of Pepsi, 12 ounces, and that might be enough.”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh
Tags: peregrinations, voice

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