Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hello, recent arrivals! (An introductory post)

Hi, those of you who've joined this merry band of chris_walsh readers recently. I felt like introducing myself to you.

I'm 34 years old, living in Portland, Oregon. I'm not working (I quit a job in June and am taking me-time before committing to full-time work again), though I hope to have temp assignments in the next month. I've been a newspaper writer/reporter, a data-entry clerk at a hospital, a call center operator, a behind-the-scenes person in a fraud detection/prevention department, a photography hobbyist, a volunteer tour guide, and a movie reviewer. I'm a media geek, becoming friendly and acquainted with various writers and DJs and such. I listen to lots of radio and write about it a lot here.

I usually take awhile to friend back anybody, as I feel I'm at a good number of people I follow via LJ, and I am careful about going higher unless someone really grabs me. I'm lucky that not much of my journal has to be Friends-Locked, so I'm pretty open; in fact, this morning I went through my archives and unlocked a bunch of entries I felt I could open now. I'm even more open of a book!

I hope you find this to be good reading. If you have further questions, ask and I'll answer.

All the best,

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