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Harlan Ellison knows everybody (for a certain value of "everybody")

Over on the signature bulletin board at Harlan Ellison Dot Com, same as on many other parts of the Web, people have been heatedly discussing Orson Scott Card's Mormon Times column calling the allowance of gay marriage "the end of democracy." The column got me unusually angry yesterday, so I wrote comments to process that anger and explain why I think his logic is terribly flawed. (Making this more painful is that I do like Card's fiction work, and feel that his original Ender series does a good job of honestly, respectfully presenting a wide spectrum of beliefs.)

Harlan chimed in, slightly:
- Thursday, July 31 2008 10:56:39

As this is my "living room," as many of you have termed it in the past, and considering the high-intensity output of the last few days' postings in re Orson Scott Card's editorial, it seems incumbent upon me to say SOMEthing, lest my silence be taken for cowardice or disinterest.

Here is what I say:

I have known Scott for many years. He has always treated me and my opinions with either a deferential silence, or respect. He has treated me as a gentleman, and I have never found him to be less than the same. We do not agree on quite a few matters. But that has never stopped Scott from doing me a solid when such became necessary. I have a plethora of personal friends whose views on topics for which I would go to the battlements in resistence, are anathema to me. The list of such pals is longer and more startling than any of you can imagine.


I will purposely absent myself from this topic. In very short order I will be happily and joyfully attending the marriage of my friend George Takei and his partner, Brad; my friend Walter Koenig will be the best man; my friend Peter David will be flying in from the East Coast to drink in the grand event. So you know where I stand on "gay marriage" (like "giant shrimp" and "mental telepathy," et al, a strange verbal construction known tautologically as an oxymoron). (Except for my marriage, or, as my Unnamed Assistant says, only one out of every 50 OTHER marriages.)

Folks, unless something goes wrong at Cedars-Sinai next week, such as an overzealous intern-cum-fry cook abandoning a McCormack Thresher in my chest cavity, next April I will be in Atlanta as the keynot speaker for the National Atheist Congress (or whatever it's called). Further, on topics theological, deponent sayeth not.

Yr. Pal, Harlan
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