Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A birthday message for crystalsage

It’s the felicitously-noted natal anniversary for crystalsage. Time for a Happy Birthday message!

So the ’Sage is known to wage the War of Life that marks this age
No, that’s a stage and one can’t gauge…


Start over, Chris. (Maybe a song inspired by Joe Versus the Volcano? “Brain Cloud,” to the tune of “Born Free”? NO.) Okay:

Your hands are yours. You’ve used yours well.
Love flows through them; they don’t repel.
You craft and sculpt and thus impel
That love to reach into a shell
Or pendant, cross, perhaps a bell
Whatever sculpted thing you sell
(Or give, or keep; each way is swell)
So scraps of love head out pell-mell
Amongst your friends, your loves, your selves
(“Contain multitudes”: at that? Excel!)
The world improves through love, I yell
And improves through you. That, I tell.

Happy Birthday.
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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