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Silly writerly whinging

I've got to find a reason/excuse one of these days to write a post with the title How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?
Well, your CD collection looks shiny and costly
How much did you pay for your bad Moto Guzzi?
And how much did you spend on your black leather jacket?
Is it you or your parents in this income tax bracket?
Now tickets to concerts, and drinking at clubs
Sometimes for music that you haven't even heard of
And how much did you pay for your rock and roll T-shirt,
That proves you were there, that you heard of them first?
Now, how do you afford your rock 'n' roll lifestyle?
How do you afford your rock 'n' roll lifestyle?
How do you afford your rock 'n' roll lifestyle?
I can't yet think of a reason in my non-rock-and-roll-lifestyle life to use it, though. Poopie. Still, I agree with radio host/rock music observer Rick Emerson: that's a really timeless song.
Excess ain't rebellion!
You're drinkin' what they're sellin'!
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