Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Post-walk thoughts

ITEM #1: Sunblock really is an amazing invention...


ITEM #2: SPECIAL MESSAGE TO zarhooie, slipjig AND rafaela: Packages are on their way to you. They're going first-class, because you can only use first-class if you're classy!


ITEM #3: I walked up to the neighborhood post office, then over to the Fireside for internet time. I decided to make use of my suntan lotion-covered state (covered everywhere! Even internally!) to take a longer walking route home. So I've gotten in a good amount of hoofin' this mornin'. I'm proud. It's a day of good weather here, and not yet as hot as it's going to be (high 90s are forecast). The air's moving a bit, too. We're way ahead of Beijing weather-wise; oy it looks ugly over there, as I've seen on the news...


ITEM #4: The Twilight Zone short story collection I'm reading (I brought it along on my walk) isn't that good, but it's had good moments. "Back There" is about a man surprised to find he's time-traveled to Washington, D.C. the day of Lincoln's assassination; the story has a quick-yet-neatly-done description of D.C. in 1865. It felt like the author had done research, not just assumed things and faked it. D.C. was kind of an ugly city for a long time, even on the Mall in what became the beautiful Monumental Core; and that was the era when the Washington Monument was unfinished at about 100 feet tall. (Walter B. Gibson describes the monument as "a square-shaped ruin.")


ITEM #5: There is NO Item #5.
Tags: books, peregrinations

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