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Even Blue Men couldn't stop the Serenity...

I'd meant to post this, from the depths of my e-mail:

Blue Men Blue Men
VERY in-character "blue men" (i.e. Alliance government enforcers) in line at "Can't Stop the Serenity" in Portland, June 2008. Photo by Mike Russell.

Among the costumed Firefly/Serenity fans at Portland's Can't Stop the Serenity screenings last June were these guys. They were scarily in character as the don't-mess-with-us government enforcers from the Serenity comics. (They're called "blue men" for the blue gloves they wear.)

The night of the Saturday, June 21st Serenity screening, I hung out with them over pub grub at the Moon and Sixpence. They weren't in character yet, except for moments. The people one table over from us (the owners, by the way, of the Hollywood Burger Bar) didn't know what to make of these tall, imposing guys, and asked me what was up with them once they'd left for the theater.

The guy on the right, by the way, is in the Portland stage production of Cannibal! The Musical.
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