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Checking in


Still alive.

Just feel really boring. Not bored, just boring.

If I posted in-depth now about how I feel boring, I'd bore you. I'd be sending Bore-Rays out into the world, kind of like when Marvin the Paranoid Android uses the Point-Of-View Gun at the end of the Hitchhiker's Guide film only if he were just bored and not depressed and this metaphor really isn't working.

My big accomplishments today were walking, reading, watching some of the Olympics, and putting together and loading up my second comic book long box. Oh, and friends dropped off books and DVDs of mine that I'd let them borrow...seventeen months ago. I just never followed up with them about that stuff until this week. Lame, I am. Yes, I can be lame and boring at the same time. I can multi-task like that.

Tonight calls for a nightcap involving hot chocolate. Not even any alcohol mixed into it. Yes, I'm boring.

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