Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

What Mike Rich's been up to:

I was wondering what Beaverton's Mike Rich has been up to. He wrote Finding Forrester (while he was still the news reporter for KINK FM 101.9) and The Rookie, and he actually wrote Miracle but lost credit on it. I hadn't heard what Rich has been up to since he wrote and produced 2006's The Nativity Story, and I missed a chance to ask his friend Shawn Levy what Rich was doing when I met Levy at the D.K. Holm benefit last April.

Here's an update (thanks, Mr. Levy). Rich's latest sports script, Secretariat, now has Randall Wallace signed as director. (Wallace directed We Were Soldiers and The Man in the Iron Mask, and he wrote Braveheart and, um, Pearl Harbor.) Rich also wrote a romantic comedy script; Levy's still waiting to hear that script's status.

And maybe Rich has been doing uncredited rewrites. He's done that a lot, the way Frank Darabont used to do.
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