Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Into the Dream Blender

The latest dreaming included

-- a creepy taken-over version of my former newspaper (which was taken over, but not (I hope) creepily).

-- having a car stuck in a gas station.

-- sudden rain.

-- food. Lots and lots of glorious food.

-- a water-side (riverside? oceanside? that wasn't really clear) shack-like home with a sloping dirt path alongside it that I (and a surprisingly large number of people) walked down until I got below the shack-like home into a MUCH fancier place:

-- a massive deli, I mean HUGE, to the point of being impersonal, with descriptions of the available meats and cheeses and other foods on the high walls. (No, the food wasn't on the walls, but wouldn't that have been neat? And creepy?)

-- Bigfoot. Wanting food. (I believe Bigfoot said "Bigfoot want Happy Meal!!!") He was wandering near the gas station where I was stuck and started getting verbally demanding to anyone within earshot.

No, I wasn't particularly hungry last night...
Tags: dreams

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