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Sweat is my friend.

Once again, sunblock has been used for good!

I took a nice walk at lunchtime down to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, within half a mile of my apartment. Shorts, a T-shirt, shoes and socks, lotion to make me even whiter than normal which is saying something, and keys were all I needed. That and a drink from the water fountain at the top of the path into the park, once I walked back up from it.

I detoured off the Springwater Corridor trail, the main path through that refuge, and ducked through smaller undergrowth-hugged trails near the Willamette River. I walked carefully to avoid sudden falls or sudden swimming. No signs of poison ivy or other itchy-and-scratchy things! And sweat sweated from me, as it should. I've been in the mood to exert. It's helped me lose a pound or two recently, and that's of course a better way of losing weight than being so stressed that I lose my appetite, which was my accidental weight-loss regime back in the madness of May. Sometimes this not-working-right-now thing can be used for good, when I don't have to look presentable and I can concentrate on helping myself. This walked did that.

In other "I rule" news, I've reserved the car I'll drive next week from Boston Logan to Casa Gojirawitz Gojirawitziev (a.k.a. the home of yendi and shadesong) to Pi-Con. One more thing, done...

Wow. A week from now, if all goes well, I'll be making a nuisance of myself at 'Song and Yendi's.
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