Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Earth. The Earth. The Earth is on fire.

It's starting to feel apocalyptic here in Portland.

The temp outside's about 102 degrees. It'll be about the same or maybe higher tomorrow. The highest temp ever recorded here was 107.

A car fire north of Vancouver, WA has started a grass fire that's entirely closed I-5. (Update: One lane is open. ONE.)

There's a building fire downtown at SW 5th and Stark.

There was a pretty big car accident in Wilsonville south of Portland. At least one lane closed down there.

People are CRAAAAAAAAAANKY. I e-mailed Rick Emerson "You think playing Weird Al's 'Traffic Jam' would cause a riot?" ("Bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper...")

I'm actually GOING TO GO OUT IN THIS. Walk to the nearest bus stop (in the heat), wait for a bus (in the heat), ride a bus (I hope with A/C), walk through downtown (in the heat), become a lump in the library (A/C baby!), walk again (in the heat), and visit with friends at Rock Bottom Brewery (absolutely must have A/C or IT'S NOT HAPPENING).

I'll try not to burst into flames.
Tags: portland

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