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Paying tribute in the oddest ways

I've told you (more than once) about the late, great Mike Pearl, my best friend during high school. I think about him a lot.

I just made myself laugh when thinking about him.

This morning I received an e-mail saying a payment I'd made via PayPal had been refunded to me because the money recipient didn't exist...because (it turned out) I'd spelled a word wrong (by one letter) in the recipient's address.

After "argh"ing to myself over the mistake, I redid the transaction, spelling very carefully. I then sent an explanatory e-mail to the (correct!) recipient saying why the payment she'd expected from me was hella late.

Here's the thing: one thing Mike wasn't good at was spelling. He knew it, and we'd joke about it. He started to refer to "speeling." (To be exact, he'd write "speeling errrors": "We'd get this issue out on time, with no speeling errrors. (Maybe a few...)")

In my explanatory e-mail just now, I wrote
Usually I'm good at spelling. (I first thought of writing "Yusuly Im gud at speeeling.")
Oh, what sweet irony that I misspelled "speeling"... ;-)
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