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Weekend journal-y goodness

A hale and hearty and booming hello on this fine morning! Birds are ringing, bells are singing, and I'm up. Woot.

I wanted to share what I was up to on my journal this weekend:

I got reminded what hot, hot heat feels like. (And realized it wasn't quite as hot as I'd thought.)

I made a deliberate spelling error that made me smile.

I had a three-part saga (saga, I say!) involving wandering goats.

I shared video of someone I know willingly being abused (and made to look like he was bleeding from his nipples; ah, the magic of fake blood!) for a short film.

I had what I feel were interesting Stephen King-related thoughts after I'd finished reading the original-published 817-page version of The Stand.

I geeked out over a word...and then, geeked out over another word.

Oh, and while all this was happening, apparently the Imperial Starfleet took over San Francisco.

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