Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Have YOU schlepped trees today?

I was in the mood to drive a scenic route this morning, and as I have a car and I'm not afraid to use it, I went driving. I went downtown (a quick, neat errand I'll tell you about in a bit), through the Sunset Tunnel and about a mile up Hwy. 26 to Washington Park. I started driving through the park, stopping on the side of the road briefly to have fluid and a snack, and then got on the road again.

And got held up by a pretty freakin' huge branch -- really about a third of a good-sized tree -- blocking the road.

On the other side of the big-ass branch was a Washington Park shuttle, followed by cars. More drivers showed up, unable to go anywhere due to the blockage. We started getting out of our vehicles, surveying the big fallen branch and throwing away the smaller ones, too. Turned out we all could get enough leverage on that branch to roll it off of the road. The resounding KEEEEEEERRRRRRAAAAAAAACK of the rolling wood resounded among the still-standing trees and -- voila! -- we'd done it. We did good. I waited on the side of the road as the other drivers got going. Nice that I didn't have to hurry.
Tags: portland

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