Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Phew! And other pre-travel preparation stuff

Good news gleaned while packing for Pi-Con:

My swimming trunks fit.

(I've fluctuated weight since I swam last. I thought maybe I'd lost too many pounds for it. The trunks still fit. Somewhat. Enough. I'll be decent should I swim!)

Wow, in 24 hours I'll either be headed to Portland International Airport, or already there and killing time pre-flight.

In other cool news, I finally started playing around with my digital camera and found that, yes, I indeed can take pictures on it. Pi-Con attendees, you'll see me camera-enabled. I last took a lot of photographs a year ago in San Francisco; that's when my previous camera died, at least near the end of Walter and Sasky's wedding reception so I didn't miss much. I've missed photography since then.

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