Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Continued Good

This house is a comfortable house.

I slept maybe my best night of sleep on a couch EVER. Oh, I needed that sleep.

'Song and Yendi and their daughter Elayna are very easy to hang around with. And to joke with.

I'm now showered and dressed, and we'll have breakfast soon. Later I'll drive 'Song and Elayna to 'Song's midday speaking engagement, then it's off to the Mass Pike we go! Pi-Con awaits! Elayna's going with us.

Heh. Jack, the Gojirawitz family cat who's adorably like a dog in his behavior, has been especially doggish this morning. I am amused. And last night Jack decided I was a good pillow. I am not saying that as a complaint.

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