Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Burlington, VT

Impressions of the corner of Vermont I visited Wednesday with slipjig and rafaela:

* I could better appreciate that I live in the Pacific Northwest, a more spread-out portion of the country than New England. I got a vague sense of a reduced country as we traveled through Upstate New York to a ferry across Lake Champlain: the homes, the roads, the parking spaces, the ferries, even the mountains are generally smaller here than what I'm used to.

* The Burlington area (mayhap the rest of Vermont?) has very precise, plentiful directional signs...

* There are already vague hints of the start of changing color in the trees, trees and more trees lining I-87, our route north to Lake Champlain. A month from now that'll be in exuberant-fall-color mode.

* Ah, the start of a freeway. I-189 (a spur between Rt. 7, the road we used, and I-89) comes to an end visible from Rt. 7's overpass. Pavement stops being marked and it curves away into the undergrowth. I'm enough of a map dork to like seeing where major roads begin and end.

* Ferries remain a truly civilized way to commute. (I've felt this before.)

* Me like meat. The three of us had a special lunch at Ri Ra, an Irish pub on the Church Street pedestrian walk. Burgers for half-price is a great deal when, like this time, they're great burgers. My great burger was (avert your eyes, terri_osborne) a rare "Black and Blue Burger" with bleu cheese along with sauteed onions.

* I almost bought a souvenir shirt the Ri Ra sells, but decided the "I'm Irish" written on it was too on-the-nose. The reason I almost bought it? It also says "Pogue Mahone"...which, as I'd forgotten until being reminded, means "Kiss my ass"...

* We managed not to stop at Ben & Jerry's (let alone a drive-thru Ben & Jerry's), but we did have ice-cream cones once we were back in Glens Falls. I also was able to help the trip by driving for part of it while slipjig rested. I've been useful again!

* We had a good road trip. Cute town, Burlington is.
Tags: peregrinations

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