Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Wanna act like you've met Paul W.S. Anderson? Now's your chance!

Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran pretends that he's all gettin' to interview Paul W.S. Anderson about his new film Death Race (not to mention "ask" Anderson about his sex life with Milla Jovovich). Lots and lots of profanity follows:
[Paul W.S. Anderson:] Nevertheless, that kill was so righteous! I am so glad I got that computer nerd to add some digital gore. Make-up is for sucks!

GitC – Well, I don’t know about that. I think people that dig flicks like Deathrace love the practical gore effects.

PWSA – These are the same people that keep giving money to the Epic Movie idiots…And this is coming from Paul WS Anderson!

GitC – Not true, we Geeks know the difference between high quality cheese and moldy government tripe.

PWSA – I thought your people liked tripe.

GitC – Don’t change the subject, I’m talking about digital gore being terrible when compared to fine practical effects from skilled effects artists.

PWSA – Whatever, you don’t know movies. I’m Paul WS Anderson, I know movies!

GitC – “I’m Paul WS Anderson… I know movies… I bang Le Loo… I wish critics stopped calling me the shitty Anderson…I wish”…

PWSA – You slimy bugger. You just had to go there, didn’t you? You just had to bring in that Emo-Director. Summa’bitch, it is go time. You. Me. And my rage!
Again, THIS IS ALL FAKE, but glorious fakery. (yendi, you'd like this...)

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