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Reached Boston Logan

Progress is progressing...I arrived early at Boston Logan for tonight's flying. I'll head home via JFK and reach Portland at about 11 p.m. Pacific Time.

I've ridden three boats in two days. I like this way of getting around.

I'm also glad that the public computer terminal is MUCH more reasonably priced than the Hyatt computer I was at yesterday.

Last two days, nutshelled: I reached Salem yesterday and was delivered into the capable and amused hands of octoberland. She introduced me to her friend grymdragon, and we ate, ran errands, and wandered the town, ending our night with a lonnnnnnnng chat on a bench in Salem Commons. Jen'd also found me an inn I could afford, right on the Common, and I slept a needed sleep there. More food, more wandering, and finally another ride on the fast catamaran between Salem and Boston comprised my morning.

And to end with happy news, docbrite and chefcdb safely weathered Gustav in New Orleans.
Tags: peregrinations

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