Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Travel: Lessons learned

This trip I just returned from was a unique one for me. Basically I didn't plan it too much, and let things happen when they happened. I also was taking mental notes during it, as to how I should do trips like this from now on. Some thoughts:

* Okay, I really DO need to plan more. Especially when heading to more expensive places like Boston. I should've checked on who I could've crashed with at the end of this trip. It would've been an awkward weekend for such crashing, too, because of my friends' plans, often involving moving, but I should've at least asked...early enough so I won't spring anything on anyone. (I did ask early enough to stay at Gojirawitziev at the very start of this trip two weeks ago.)

* Next time, I'll borrow a cell phone. I could have -- Mom and Dad were willing to spare one -- but I figured I'd be fine. Turns out I could've used it, even though I had no emergencies (and an emergency REALLY would've warranted one). Cells: not just good for dramatic purposes on 24...

* My next technology upgrade needs to be a laptop, maybe something like the small-but-mighty unit kradical uses (a Treo, right? (Edited To Add: kradical corrected me; it's an ASUS EEE PC.)). Staying connected is important to me; so's not feeling like I'm mooching off of others' computers and Internet! (But thank you, shadesong and yendi and their daughter Elayna and the Pi-Con computer dude and slipjig and rafaela, all of whom were able and willing to let me get online via their equipment...) I think a PDA or Blackberry would be too small for me, because I'd want to be able to write on it. As in articles and stories and such. These aren't done on PDAs.

* A hat? Good idea. Seriously. Sadly, slipjig's fabled Hat That Looks Good On Everyone is approaching retirement age, but I did wear it briefly and realized yep, it does look good on everyone. And I sunburned on my last full day on the East Coast, and I'm recovering from that, and as I didn't want to buy sunblock for just this trip (damn and blast TSA gel restrictions, meaning I couldn't pack sunblock), a hat would be a good investment. And if I get a good one, I get style points as well as head protection!

* I don't need an iPod yet. My head is song-full enough to keep me in music even when I'm away from my collection. (Hey, slipjig, "When I say 'Ro,' you say 'Bot'! 'Ro,' 'Bot,' 'Ro,' 'Bot,' when I say 'Bot,' you say 'Cat'! 'Bot,' 'Cat,' 'Bot,' 'Cat'...")

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