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"I miss you like Michael Bay missed the mark on Pearl Harbor..."

Yep. What I figured. Pearl Harbor looks like a baaaaaaaaaaaad film.

I must admit to watching the lead-up to the attack, and the attack, on AMC (which should now stand for Assaulted My Cranium, or Assorted Movie Calamities, or Ass Made Clear, or...). I also must admit to more than once saying "Why am I watching this?"

And why is tonight the Dump Everything 9/11 On Us Again Night? Flight 93 on the History Channel, United 93 on TNT, and the Discovery Channel's special on the attack, all within a few hours and often overlapping. I know, the anniversary is coming up and kind of hard to forget, but there are OTHER WAYS TO REMEMBER.

This post is brought to you by Too Much TV.

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