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Things I've learned from cinemaeater

Starting, and (we hope) growing: cinemaeater, a li'l community for smart-assed thoughts on bad, bad films. Take Underworld: Evolution:

"When you're on a vampire SWAT team and you go to a place where there are lots of werewolves, you'll totally forget to bring the bullets that can kill werewolves. You'll just have the ones that can kill vampires. Therefore, vampires on a SWAT team, y'all are dumb-asses." (c/o robyn_ma)

And the Spielberg-Cruise War of the Worlds:

"Tom Cruise spends this entire movie running. He runs from explosions. He runs from other people. He runs from aliens. He runs like no one since Dick.

See Tom run. Run, Tom, run.

Tom runs with his children, too. Please note that the "running" referred to here is not always actual running, per se. General fleeing, hiding, dodging, sprinting... actually Tom kinda obeys the 5 D's of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.
" (now that's c/o murnkay)

So Anyway. cinemaeater. Crunchy bad-movie goodness awaits.

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