Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Happy Birthday, puppetmaker40

Time to celebrate (almost rhythmically! Almost musically!) the birthday of Kathleen David, a.k.a. puppetmaker40:

Enthused and amused and fandom-infused
Your puppets, lined up, stretch from home to Syracuse
People listen on stage when you give them their cues
You edit and write ’til the words are well-used
Books, if they’re good, you’ve often perused;
Of web-based confusion, you have disabused;
So keep being creative, and keep being a Muse
Any forced rhymes in here? I hope I’ll be excused.

Enjoy your day! And enjoy your family!

P.S. I briefly considered filking Tom Jones’s “With These Hands” – “With these hands, you make Puppet-Fu…” – but that didn’t get past the “briefly” stage.
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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