Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Now THIS is Surviving


Dreamt last night of being part of the Survivor crew, preparing -- or, I guess, preparing to prepare -- some exotic locale for a new season. But no Survivor locates are as close to a nice hotel as my imagined Survivor locale was. Convenient. But once I was outside the hotel, and taking care of setting something up in near-pitch darkness (guess the crewmembers were involved in the challenges, too), it felt distant.

Even as someone who's only watched one whole season of Survivor (Australia), I still find the show compelling and dip into it every once in a while. I also think a really interesting book could be written about the behind-the-scenes work of producing Survivor. (Stephen King had a character in his unfinished novel The Plant think of a what-if: What if a Survivor-type show was being produced on an island that got hit by a massive, unexpected storm, killing half of the contestants and crew and cutting off the survivors from the rest of the world? THAT could be a really interesting book, too, in its own right.)

Disclaimer: I'm acquainted with some people who work for the CBS corporate comglomerate. They DO NOT give me a kickback any time I mention Survivor, or CBS Sports, or Abby Sciuto from NCIS. I'm not expecting kickbacks, either. There. That should cover it.
Tags: dreams, survivor

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