Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A highly unscientific sample

rafaela and I were unable to come up with an answer to this, so:

Does the fandom for the film Boondock Saints skew more female than shoot-em-ups normally do? All I know is the highly unscientific sample of the biggest Boondock Saints fans I know being Ms. rafaela, Ms. shadesong, and my former girlfriend Alicia, who normally hates shoot-em-ups. (She despises Tarantino's stuff, for instance, and the first films we saw in the theater as a couple were Grumpier Old Men and Muppet Treasure Island.)

And I know the film's very popular among the straight women for the deleted "Don't even fucking start. I've had ice on mine, all right? Fuck" scene.

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