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Deep movie meme

Huzzah! The longest meme I've yet done! "Fifty questions, some with lonnnnnnnnnnng answers, about the movies that have been special to me:

1) First movie you saw in a theater?
It may have been Mary Poppins. I’m pretty sure Star Wars was among the first three movies I ever saw.

2) First R-rated film you bought a ticket for by yourself?
Probably The Silence of the Lambs.

3) Favorite movie snack?
Pizza (thanks to Portland’s theater pubs!).

4) Favorite film going experience?
July 1989: A very special limited screening at the National Air & Space Museum’s Imax theater of the documentary For All Mankind: the film combines footage from every Apollo moon mission into a single trip. Honorable mention: 10 years later, hanging out with fellow Star Wars geeks outside Hermiston, Oregon’s theater before a midnight screening of The Phantom Menace. I didn’t get in to that showing, but I loved the crowd. Favorite quote I overheard: “In all the Star Wars novels, Luke is always getting his ass handed to him. He’s always just barely getting away. He should be kicking ass and taking names.”

5) Stupidest thing you did that you saw in a movie?
Try to stop a bullet with my teeth. That didn’t work at ALL.

6) First film to inspire carnal thoughts for the opposite sex?
If I were gay, I’d have trouble answering this, wouldn’t I? Just say “First film to inspire carnal thoughts,” for Pete’s sake! Geez! Be inclusive! Okay, my answer is…honestly, I have trouble remembering. I’ve been having carnal thoughts for pop culture ladies for a long time, and it was probably women on TV who first inspired that. In movies, maybe either the naked model lady from Airplane II: The Sequel or the Replicant with the snake in Blade Runner: “You think I would be here if I could afford a real snake?”

7) Have you ever paid for one movie and snuck into another?
No. I have peeked into other theaters on my way in or out of whatever film I had a ticket for...

8) Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in?
Several times, both as a kid and as an adult (including a double-feature of the first Austin Powers and The Fifth Element).

9) Have you ever had sex in a car while watching a movie?

10) If so, what film?
Logic would dictate that you not ask this question based on the answer to that question.

11) Ever had sex in a movie theater?
No. Looking at Alicia when we were dating and appreciating the sight of her is as close as I got.

12) If so, what film?
See Spock-ian response to 10).

13) Favorite John Hughes film?
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. “I sell shower curtain rings. Best, in, the world.”

14) Favorite Quentin Tarantino film?
He wrote it, then disowned it, but I still think it’s genuinely great: Natural Born Killers. And I’m still hoping that he kicks absolute ass with the World War II film he’s been writing.

15) Favorite Hitchcock film?
It wavers between Rebecca and Vertigo.

16) Favorite Spielberg film?
For pure pop pleasure, Raiders of the Lost Ark (which is almost subversive for a big action film: the hero keeps losing); and I’m very fond of Minority Report, his (to me) first fully satisfying science fiction film. (Close Encounters bothers me more and more; E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial is more fantasy than SF; and I have a huge essay on how frustrated I was with A.I.: Artificial Intelligence which I’ll post someday.) I have the hunch that I’d really like Empire of the Sun, which in my lameness I still haven’t seen…

17) Favorite zombie film?
Still getting my zombie film education. But I’ll go old-school: Night of the Living Dead.

18) Favorite Actor (dead)?
Tough one…but James Stewart is a good choice.

19) Favorite Actor (living)?
Jeff Bridges.

20) Favorite character actor ever?
Can’t think of one…but let’s see what Andy Serkis and Vincent D’Onofrio do in the next 20 years…

21) Favorite Actress (dead)?
I’ve got to see more of Katherine Hepburn’s work. I have a hunch she’d be high up on the list…

22) Favorite Actress (living)?
Either Cate Blanchett or Catherine Keener.

23) Favorite character actress ever?
Judy Davis.

24) Favorite theatrical animated character?
Right now: Syndrome! Especially his cameo in “Jack-Jack Attack.”

25) Favorite film score?
Spartacus, by Alex North

26) Favorite piece of film music?
“The Death Hunt,” from the 1952 movie On Dangerous Ground and also the lead-off track to the amazing 1974 album Citizen Kane: The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann. That made me a Herrmann fan for life.

27) Favorite film song?
I think a tie between “You Only Live Twice” (Nancy Sinatra) and “Theme from Shaft” (Isaac Hayes).

28) Favorite Christmas movie?
Brazil. Mall Santa: “And what do you want for Christmas?” Kid: “My own credit card!”

29) Favorite film genre?
Tough call, but quite possibly science fiction/fantasy.

30) Favorite porn film?
Haven’t seen a porn film.

31) First porn film you saw?
Something in my sick, sick mind. You might’ve liked it. I know I did.

32) Favorite Disney film?
Not sure, but A) I love the insanity and smarts of The Incredibles and B) I actually have a surprisingly big soft spot for The Black Hole.

33) Favorite Western?
The Searchers tied with Once Upon A Time in the West. One American, one European, both making me want to sing “And oh I see a darkness, and oh I see a darkness…”

34) Favorite Musical?
West Side Story.

35) Favorite Horror film?
The Evil Dead films. I’m actually not yet very well versed in horror, but I have seen all three of those.

36) Favorite Comedy?
Either Ghostbusters (H.P. Lovecraft with a sense of humor!) or Raising Arizona (the chase scene made me laugh so hard I started to unsettle my stomach).

37) Favorite Science Fiction Film?
Blade Runner. That might be as close to perfection as Ridley Scott has gotten. It’s fascinating to see how it’s almost a refracted version of the Philip K. Dick novel, bending the ideas but still illustrating them well.

38) Favorite Suspense Film?
The Silence of the Lambs.

39) Favorite Romantic Film?
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

40) Favorite Epic?
The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with Spartacus a close second.

41) Least favorite thing about seeing films in a theater?
The ads and (now, blissfully, gone) mini-films of Regal’s The 2wenty. I was waiting for Whale Rider to start and got a mini-film about a hostage/ransom situation. HOW F’ING WRONG AND INAPPROPRIATE IS THAT?????!!!!! Grr. Argh.

42) Favorite thing about seeing films in a theater?
Being overwhelmed. A good kind of overwhelmed. Think the march of the Ents in The Two Towers or the finale of Twelve Monkeys.

43) If you could be any film character, who?
I’m Spartacus! I’m Spartacus! I’m Spartacus!

44) If you could have sex with any film character, who?
Padme Amidala from the Star Wars prequel trilogy (once she was of age, of course!).

45) If you could live happily ever after with a film character, who?
Well, obviously there was no “happily ever after” for poor Amidala, so…I’d say Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Hey! She’s a good answer for 44), too!

46) If you could be any movie monster, who?
For sheer power, the Hulk. For sheer pathos, Karloff’s Mummy.

47) Favorite Film Critic?
Harlan Ellison. His first book that I bought was Harlan Ellison’s Watching, his movie review collection. I then borrowed several years’ worth of issues of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine from a college professor so I could have Ellison’s entire F&SF run.

48) Favorite Screenwriter?
Billy Wilder. His stuff doesn’t get old.

49) Favorite Director?
Terry Gilliam: his work is grand, messy, operatic, funny, subversive, and, when it needs to be, damn moving.

50) Chaplin or Keaton?
Hmm… Should it be Keaton for making a film in Oregon (represent!), or Chaplin for his taste in women (now how good does Paulette Goddard look in Modern Times, I ask ya?)? No, I must go with the deadpan glory that is Keaton.

I should say I got this from (deep breath) robyn_ma, setsuled, happyspector, murnkay, and grandmofhelsing, plus probably others...
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