Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Never Grow Up, Never Give In

This is about my friend copperwise. This is about my friend s00j. This is about talent, strength and beauty inspiring more talent, strength and beauty, and the result being something delightful. (I'd say "something wonderful," but that has Arthur C. Clarke/2010 connotations to it and I'm not talking about Jupiter igniting to become a star. This is a more down-to-earth wonderful.)

A few years ago, 'Wise met s00j, given name S.J. "Sooj" Tucker, and was immediately impressed. I met Sooj later and was also impressed: with her insight, with her musical talent, with her cunning sense of humor, and with her deep, powerful voice that seems far larger than her petite frame, almost like it's coming from an inner TARDIS housing musical talent. Sooj travels the country, performing house concerts, in bookstores and in benefits (picking up fans like author Laurell K. Hamilton in the process), and is inspired by the people around her. 'Wise has already inspired at least one Sooj song. I'm proud to call Sooj a friend; I'm happily impressed with the friendship bond 'Wise and Sooj have.

copperwise finally decided to commemorate their strong friendship in a strong way: she just got a Sooj-inspired tattoo. This is 'Wise's first tattoo ever. She waited for the right one.

Sooj has been getting increased attention for her work "The Wendy Trilogy," three songs (on her album Sirens) about Wendy of Peter Pan following through on her idea of becoming a pirate herself. The song cycle ends with Wendy captaining a ship of Lost Girls. The idea took off among Sooj's fans and inspired -- there's that word again -- the Lost Girls Pirate Academy. The LGPA has a slogan: Never Grow Up, Never Give In. Those words, and a design, are now emblazoned on 'Wise's arm.

The idea -- the Lost Girls making their deserved impact on the world -- is a bold, powerful one. It fits the sort of bold, kick-ass-and-take-names women I'm proud to know. And the idea is strong enough to spread farther in the world and further in our minds, being a source of inspiration. And being a sign of friendship and love.

Please, read Copperwise's story about what the tattoo, the music, and Sooj all mean to her. I hope you are impressed as well. Heck, I hope you are inspired.
Tags: creme de la chris, music

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