Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I feel profoundly uninteresting right now.

Argh! Nothing to write about! Apparently, for the moment, I have nothing interesting to say.

No reporting of news until there's news to report? My life AIN'T suited to a 24-hour channel. My own personal Truman Show would've been cancelled long ago, though maybe revived when I was dating Alicia.

Okay, Chris, work through thoughts and things, see if something interesting comes up:

Treated myself last night to the silliness of The Jerk. (Not to mention the cuteness of Bernadette Peters, and I wasn't the only one so treated.) My quote of the night was "Did that kid recognize the brilliance of that T-shirt?" Fans of the film know what I'm talking about.

...hmm, okay, still nothing interesting. Hey, people I read! Say something interesting! (Yes, you can even respond to this post with just "Something interesting.")

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