Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me, Bio-ized

Following up my previous post, I'll soon be writing pieces for a smartassed Portland-based website, and I needed a short bio for it. Here's my current draft (sure to be revised, but I wanted to share):
Christopher Walsh made Portland his home after a Navy Brat childhood, a U of O stint, and three years as a writer-reporter in Northeast Oregon’s semi-desert. He’s worked a bunch of jobs and written not enough words about music, movies, and whether Rob Zombie is really Denis Leary in a fright wig. He may sometimes swear in these pieces, but feels profanity is really ****ing overrated. Stalkers may follow his life at, where he sounds off with personal stuff, geeky references and media musings.
Later Edit:There, that's the version (without the struck-out portion) that I'll send.

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