Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Spam, spam, spam, spam...

Subject line in my inbox:

From joanie

Ultimate IT solution for all your male problems.

Dear Joanie:

Clever. Actually kind of clever. Correctly spelled, too, which is a daring achievement for spam. You're also being proactive in saying whatever problems you have, I am here to solve them with the implied I'm ready to get my hands dirty! in that message, too. And there indeed is nothing sexier than IT. There was that gorgeous Pauley Perrette-like IT woman at my call center job...

Excuse me.

The thing is, all of that still ain't enough to get me to click on your links, because I can still tell you're spam. (I'd know even if I knew a Joanie...excuse me, a joanie.) Devious, this is: the spam had a message saying Click HERE to send a receipt saying you got it! Uh, no. And yep, the e-mail's deleted.

(sort of channeling popfiend)

P.S. joanie DID, however, remind me of this Richard Dooling passage that Stephen King has quoted:
She straddled him and prepared to make the necessary port connections, male and female adapters ready, I/O enabled, server/client, master/slave. Just a couple of high-end biological machines preparing to hot-dock with cable modems and access each other's front-end processers.
Now that's hot.

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