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Words No Coming Good.

This will be a very basic entry. Basic by my standards, at least. Interesting words don't seem to be appearing in my head. (The most interesting one I can think of right now is "defenestration," and usually I can do better than that!)

Once I get a load out of the dryer (for a load I washed this morning, forgetting that a guy was going to unplug the dryer to plug in a floor sander for an apartment remodel; I briefly pictured trying to dry the clothes in my apartment, like the money in Bound), I'm going to the DVD release screening of David Walker's first feature film. Walker is a film critic in town -- who's friends with (among others) Mike Russell, Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Mahfood -- who put his money where his mouth is and went from reviewing films to making his own. This one is Damaged Goods, a relationship comedy where NONE of the relationships wind up working. I'm acquainted with him and have a rooting interest, so I have a reason to go. I have another reason, too, but I don't feel honest enough right now to share it...

Okay, were any of those words interesting? If not, I'll just throw in interesting words. Euphonious. Melodramatic. Obstreptrous. Skeevy. Area. (Hey, I think it's interesting!)
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