Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


This is a good kind of insane.

Catching up to something I should've done a while ago, I join others in pimping...

Stupid And Insane Defenders Against Chaos, Onezumi Hartstein's one-artist effort to do H.P. Lovecraftian horror. And be funny.

She's done a bunch of comics before about these characters, and is now retelling things from the start (the revised comic starts here) in the acme of "For Those Who Came In Late..." recapping. (And she answers questions more directly on this page.)

She's on LiveJournal, by the way, as onezumi; we met at Pi-Con last month. She drew the cover art for the Pi-Con booklet. She also posts more general stuff at Onezumiverse. Say hi to her! Read her stuff!

P.S. to onezumi: I didn't get around to checking the site until recently, then my decrepit home computer refused to load it so I couldn't check it out when I finally tried. The library computer, it's finally letting me see more. Hallelujiah!
Tags: webcomics

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