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Every unreleased Jerry Goldsmith score

I sometimes call the gang at Film Score Monthly "the crazy archivists." I say that with fondness; they're passionate about preserving interesting film music.

This might be a reminder list of stuff they'd like to release: columnist Scott Bettencourt (who, under another name, used to write for producer Joel Silver) lists every single unreleased Jerry Goldsmith score (at least that he knows of), plus several scores that could have more music released.

There are some wonderful movies and scores here, such as Seconds (1966), the John Frankenheimer science fiction film about a man who has surgery as part of a secret experiment to reset his life as someone else. (Post-surgery, the man is played by Rock Hudson; as Joe Bob Briggs has pointed out, it's telling that a closeted man is pretending to be someone he's not.) I saw Seconds once on cable about 10 years ago; a musical moment that's stayed with me is for when Hudson tells a member of the experiment's team that he's changed his mind and wants to go back to his old life. The music distorts, like the tape has been stretched and warped. It sounds like the effect was achieved exactly that way. Goldsmith liked to do unexpected things, musically.

Then there's stuff like 1994's I.Q., not that great but with some cute moments (plus I love the line "She probably thinks schtupping is a town in Bavaria"), and flat-out awful flicks like that bad adaptation of Damnation Alley. It's a reminder Goldsmith was a workhorse, taking on all sorts of flicks, even bad ones; he apparently liked scoring bad films, because he could try improving them with his music. (The acme of that: The Swarm, absolutely horrible and laughable but with an insanely clever and exciting score. With a joke: his main theme opens with a B note followed by two E notes.)
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