Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Getting over myself

Yesterday was a fairly productive day: library time, grocery shopping, and a nice walk around Laurelhurst Park (where my Aunt Nancy and my uncle Bill Weare got married, by the way).

But I didn't feel productive. And I was noticing things through a more-negative-than-normal filter: the lake looks ugly, I thought, which is true, because it has an algae bloom that the city is trying to knock down. I had to make an effort to notice that the lawn, the trees and the sky were still looking good, and that I was feeling healthy and having a good walk.

The thing is, I'm looking for work. I haven't been working, and financially speaking I haven't needed to work -- which allowed me to take a vacation last month, and that was good for my mental health -- but I'm getting antsy to work again.

So in June, I left a job that was making me crazy. I can't let not working make me crazy. Temp jobs will happen, as a stopgap, as I look for something more permanent. And not-crazy-making.

So I thought Chris? GET OVER YOURSELF. That, and a short-but-good chat last night with rafaela and slipjig, helped. (Hey, blubeagle: slipjig had a thing for Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Gos back in the day, too!)

If I get mopey, call me out on it. I hope you won't have to.
Tags: peregrinations, work

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