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Morning miscellany

* It's morning. That much we can be sure of.

* First things first: to a lot of my friends, for whom right now things SUCK: I'm thinking of you. Non-sucky stuff can start happening right now, please and thank you...

* My first impression of the new Killers single "Human": pretty tune, pretty odd lyrics. (I don't yet know what "Are we human, or are we denser" means; people already think Brandon Flowers's saying dancer.) I didn't think their last single "Don't Shoot Me Santa" (really) was a successful lyric, either. (Later: It was "dancer." At least Brandon says it makes sense to him...)

They need to write at least one song with Jim Steinman. I mean, Sam's Town was approaching Meat-Loaf-concept-album in style, and I am not saying that as a complaint...

* I may let myself watch this season of Survivor. I haven't watched a full season since Season 2 (Australia), but the dysfunctional-working-to-get-functional dynamic of the Fang (pronounced "fahng") tribe might be intriguing: they're trying to pull together after Jeff Probst pointed out how fractious they'd become.

(I also might be developing a thing for Crystal, the Olympic runner who hasn't yet told her fellow contestants that she's an Olympian. Hey, I have a cousin who's an Olympian: they're not always obvious!)

Randy (Fang's old sour guy) reminds me of Vince McMahon.

And is Sugar going to titter after everything she says? O.o

* slipjig made a good suggestion on the phone last night: a Bond film should have a song by Portishead. "They've been doing Bond songs," he said, meaning their style is very Bond-ian. "Bond songs have to be torchy, and not many people can do that." (This spun off my sounding off on Bond songs.)

* Do I have enough for a miscellany? I'll say I do.
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