Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The crossword is singing to me.

“The pet that Nixon brought to Peking was Chiiiiin-neeeeese Checkers
And laughing at somebody’s salary is Paaaaaydaaaaay Snickers
The sweet suffix is –ose, inside your shoes are insoles
And the digs for your pigs: that’s called a sty, which is sometimes invaded by moles!
Question marks will often mark the answers made up of puns
(Rich birds live On Easy Tweet; now isn’t that overdone?)
It’s where rare words like “epee” go when people don’t use them no more
(Oh; that’s a word for a fencing foil. This language is fun to explore!)”

Okay. Time to hook a cloud and ride over to work…
Tags: poetical, rhd

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