Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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The surly deserve birthday love, too

Would dr_clive_owen appreciate birthday thoughts? If so:

Surly sir! Surely some myrrh would be a nice spur to one like a cur when his birthday occurs.

May today be a blur of Surly Doc's slurs. Please don't demur, but let surly thoughts stir.

'Tis true (I aver) that you never go "errr" or also defer but instead quite prefer giving diagnoses like "Go roger a fir." And for all that, we love you, Surly sir.


(I can hear dr_clive_owen muttering "Pansy-ass gibberer, talkin' out his fucking ass, doesn't know what he's bleedin' talkin' about, he's got hangups like fuckin' Jame Gumb's got skins...")
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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