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Some of the good noise

Steady, fall-like (oo! "autumnal"!) wind is blowing outside. Portland and the rest of northwest Oregon also had a fair amount of rain last night.

(We're really not as wet as we sometimes claim. I say that as someone who doesn't mind when it does rain.)

Wind. Not a bad noise to wake up to. I really like waking up to the murmur of a stream, but that's been rare; I last was really able to do that when my dad's parents owned a small second home off of Slick Rock Creek, in the Oregon Coast Range. We used it as a vacation home; a couple of times in 2003, I stayed at Slick Rock by myself to have quiet time. REALLY quiet time, which I need sometimes. I'm glad I can be alone and not feel lonely; and I think it's hard to feel lonely at Slick Rock.

We've since sold the place; other people live there now. We still have a sort of connection there: in December 2005, my family scattered my grandparents' ashes at the creek that flows past the house. (Don't mind reading a wistful entry about that? You can read this.)

My day continues to start; I'll have a quiet, relaxing morning here. The noise is not bad noise. It's a good sound. Again, good for waking up.
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