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Today's generic sports post

To ease my pain, I've switched channels from Seahawks at Giants to Chargers at Dolphins, which is still actually a contest. (C'mon, Seahawks! You can do better than that.)

Next football games on my TV today are Pats at 49ers (not interested) and the late game of Steelers at Jaguars (I may be interested). Okay, I can get on to other things, 'cause yes, there's life beyond the NFL.

Now, via popfiend, author John Scalzi on the Cubs once again not making to the World Series:
I firmly believe that the Cubs, when pressed, will always find a way to lose in the clutch. It is their destiny and heavy responsibility to be the sport’s designated losers — a destiny they previously shared with the Red Sox, but which they now carry alone, which of course makes it an even heavier responsibility. As I’ve noted before, if the Cubs were to win, what would they gain? A sports championship, to be sure, but how special can a World Series win actually be if even the Florida Marlins have won it? Twice?
More quotables at the link. By the way, Scalzi's entry title makes me think the Cubs should NEVER sign a player named Godot.
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