Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Post-Weekend Summary of Said Weekend (Links!)

I was busy online this weekend.

On Friday, I talked around the politics of a film I haven't seen (An American Carol); I sent birthday wishes to one of the surliest people (so to speak) on my LJ reading list; and I was amused by a sex-minded comic strip.

On Saturday, I reminisced about a home my family used to use; I talked about Stephen King and the Apocalypse (plus Patton Oswalt); I wondered if there are links between Ghostbusters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and I let you know that there'll be one more "Weird Al" Yankovic song in the world Tuesday than there was before.

On Sunday, I was amused by fake Star Trek motivational posters; I got all of my weekend's sports thoughts collected in a single post (a short one); I passed along the story of apparently a WAY too attentive Battlestar Galactica fan; I sang; I quoted an essay on the cliches non-African writers use when writing about Africa (read this!); I linked to Chicago's "Cell Block Tango" because I could; and I linked to a random act of kindness that Barack Obama did 20 years ago.

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