Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Odd dreams, cold morning

Moody-manic night of dreams. But the dreams now let me know what Jack Bauer was up to on 9/11...

In nicer dream news, I ate good dream pizza.


The season change is hitting me -- I think harder than usual.

Here's something that sometimes happens in winter: I'll take my very warm shower in the morning (very warm showers are one of the great luxuries of my life) but I seem to be preemptively feeling the morning's cold at the same time. It's as if I'm thinking this is the warmest I'll be today. It can be a moody moment, a wanting-to-curl-up-in-flannel-bedsheets-again moment -- no, I haven't put the flannel sheets on the bed yet -- but I guess it could also be a steeling moment, a preparing-for-the-day moment. Still, it happened yesterday and this morning, and it doesn't usually happen this early, only a few weeks into fall. I'd first felt it in the depths of my first Northern Virginia winter, probably in December 1984. I'd been used to the not-too-cold winters of Virginia Beach and the almost-not-winters of Southern California; maybe the season was destined to hit me hard that year. I'd be a lousy Midwesterner.

My ability to deal with cold notwithstanding, I'd prefer to be warm.

So I'll hope that I'm past the wanting-to-go-to-bed moment and am in the steeling-for-the-day period.


In nicer news, yendi has a link and thoughts about the new "Weird Al" Yankovic song that's now online. (Here's the direct YouTube link.)
Tags: dreams, music

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