Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Places in the Cart

First off, actual thoughts from actual me today:

"Do not compost the keys."

"That was a precision whisper."


Now, an example of not-thinking-something-100%-of-the-way-through:

I went to Fred Meyer for shopping this afternoon, and after getting my cart and putting my cloth shopping bags in it, I headed for the deli counter. I decided to eat something before I shopped, so I put the cart out of the flow of traffic, next to an aisle display. I walked up and down the deli counter for maybe half a minute when I looked back towards where I'd left the cart and saw no cart. Closer examination, and I saw that someone had taken out my bags and placed them on the display items before heading off with what had been my cart.

Two guesses: either a Freddy's employee moved it back to cart storage, or (more likely, I think) someone -- someone too lazy to go back to where the other carts were -- took it.

Why "not thinking something 100% of the way through"? The Whomever Person who took it clearly saw that someone was using it, and at least took out the not-theirs stuff, but my reaction to seeing a cart with stuff in it in a supermarket, even if the stuff's just two bags and no groceries yet, is assume SOMEBODY'S ALREADY USING IT and NOT TOUCH IT. Full stop, as the Brits would say. This person didn't assume that. Or didn't care.

Must I think that I have to cross a threshold of Enough Stuff In My Cart for someone not to take it? Would having one item be enough? Would having my coupons (which I'd almost put on the top rack) in there be enough? Am I way overthinking this? Anyway, I bought and ate some curry chicken and a Cherry Pepsi, my bags on the little table, then walked back to the entrance, got another cart, and started shopping. And kept a paranoid eye on that cart.

At least it was a better cart than the first one. First one squeaked. But it's the principle of the thing!
Tags: out-of-context theater!

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