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Lay a wallaby baby ball away, Al.

How big a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan am I? THIS MUCH.

The following "Weird Al" tribute just poured out of me while reading this+ (a tribute to how Yankovic has stayed fresh throughout his career) over in theferrett's archives:
I remember the week [in May 2003] when Poodle Hat came out; my job'd been deeply maddening that week. I worked modified swing-shift in a call center Tuesdays through Saturdays, and that week it seemed like a third of my callers had been angling for a fight; after I got off the phones that Saturday night 'round 10, I told a couple of supervisors "My sense of humor has been beaten out of me." I was exhausted, out of sorts and sick of human stupidity. Then I remembered that the new Weird Al was out. And that there was a big record store a few blocks away open 'til midnight. I went there after work, bought Poodle Hat new and the Cowboy Junkies' Lay It Down used (I needed soothing, too), bussed home, and listened. Thank God I could listen.

During my first week of owning it, I'd pause Poodle Hat right before "Bob" and go to the bathroom, 'cause I was really scared I'd piss myself laughing at that song.

Thanks for saving my sanity, Al!
Things can't be too bad in a world where Weird Al is still doing cool stuff like this new song...
+ By the way, shadesong, that entry of The Ferrett's was the first one where you said "Hi!" to him. Two LJ celebs meet!
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