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The Revision King

NOW I get it. I know more now. All that.

While shopping this weekend, I went to the Hawthorne Blvd. Powell's and found, for surprisingly cheap, a Book Club edition of the original text of Stephen King's The Stand. And by original, I mean original-original.

Of course, King rather famously expanded and revised his 1978 book for its rerelease in 1990, updating it to take place in that year. What I hadn't known was that he'd revised it before. Earlier this year I stumbled upon a 1988 paperback copy of it (at another Powell's, by the way, the one in Beaverton) and noted that the epidemic that kicks off this epic happens in summer 1985. But I'd already heard plenty of people refer to the original taking place in 1980, so I was confused. Turned out that King had revised it slightly in 1980, as I could've guessed from that paperback having the two copyright dates of '78 and '80. It means, though, that there's still disco on the radio in 1985. King didn't quite see the future on that one.

(I'm all about the revised King lately. Here's my post about the original-versus-revised versions of the first book of The Dark Tower.)

I have to buy cheaply right now (all that time this year earning zero dollars an hour), so I'm so glad the Book Club Edition copy was cheap. It was $11. I once saw a first edition Stand hardcover, at the original downtown Powell's (this is a pimpin'-Powell's-post, isn't it?), for $100.
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